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IGS-type acronym : METS
Latitude : 60.09740300
Longitude : 24.39529991
Installed date : 1992-04-30
Decommissioned date :
Country : FINLAND
Station status : active (green)
Distance to Tide Gauge (m) : 31729
Domes Nr.: 10503S011
Station operator: Unknown
IGS-like station form :

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[EUREFmail-9002] - 2017-05-03 (03/05/2017)

Many of the Finnish stations (FINS, KILP, KIV2, MET3, METS, OUL2, ROM2, VAA2, VAAS, VIR2) are unfortunately offline due to a connection issue. We expect a quick fix and apologize for the missing data.

[EUREFmail-8782] - 2016-11-07 (01/12/2016)

the Finnish EPN stations METS, VAAS, JOEN and SODA are temporarily offline due to an issue with the old ASHTECH's receivers. We apologize for the inconveniences. We will inform you later for the further actions.

[EUREFmail-8809] - 2016-11-24 (24/11/2016)

I am glad to inform that the Finnish EPN stations are online again. Receivers for VAAS, JOEN and SODA have been replaced with JAVAD Delta receivers during last couple of days. The site logs have been updated respectively. (The METS receiver was changed already earlier, see mail no 8795). No data was gathered between Nov-06-2016 and the day of the receiver change.

[EUREFmail-8800] - 2016-11-17 (17/11/2016)

unfortunately METS station is again offline. This time our data server is down to a sudden power outage at the institute that damaged the system.