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2009 meeting of the group of experts of the world programme GLOSS, Unesco, Paris, 11-15 mai 2009

Two meetings concerning the World Sea Level Observation Programme GLOSS will be held in Paris, at Unesco, from the 11 to the 15 May 2009, organised by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) : the meeting of the group of experts of GLOSS, and a workshop on the precision observation of vertical land movements which affect tide gauges.

This is a link to the provisional programme of the workshop, dated 23/03/2009, in PDF format (click on the link ). Practical information on the workshop is available in the following pages of the IOC (place, registration etc.) : Finally, some details on the aims of the workshop are given below (PDF version).

 Workshop on Precision Observations of Vertical Land Motion at Tide Gauges ; 11-12 May 2009

The workshop is expected (i) to discuss and document the important applications of vertical land motions rates at tide gauge locations ; (ii) to evaluate and document the state of the art in providing these rates, and discuss what is necessary to further improve these analyses ; (iii) to document the present spatial coverage afforded by tide gauges that already have precise vertical land motion rates and attempt to prioritize future expansions of the network.

The workshop stems from recommendations coming out of (i) the WCRP Workshop "Understanding Sea Level Rise and Variability" (5-9 June 2006, Paris), (ii) a follow-up action item from the 10th session of the GLOSS GE X meeting (2007) , and (iii) a brief splinter meeting on the subject convened at the EGU meeting (Vienna, April 2008).

The aim is to have a discussion-oriented workshop, and avoid the standard 15-minute scientific conference talk followed by a question or two. For a typical 1.5 hour session the session leaders will either give or invite two 20-minute review talks that pose the important questions. Following each talk there will be 10 minutes for questions. Each session will conclude with a 30-minute discussion session involving the panellists and the audience.

While we are committed to the basic format of one or two overview talks for each session, with the bulk of the time left for discussion, participants are encouraged to present their work to the appropriate session leaders for inclusion in the overview. We also invite you to volunteer as a panellist in a session that is of particular interest to you. Finally, please note that on Wednesday 13 May 2009, in parallel with the GLOSS Group of Experts meeting, there will be a follow-on TIGA splinter meeting that will be organized by Tilo Schöne and Guy Wöppelmann, and additional short presentations can be made there. Please contact Tilo Schöne (E-mail : ) about the splinter meeting.

Concerning the panellists, these people are yet to be identified. It is the intention of the steering committee to choose panellists from the final list of attendees, but if you would like to serve as a panellist, please let the chair of the steering committee us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

On behalf of the steering committee,

Gary Mitchum

The planning and steering committee for the workshop consists of :
 Gary Mitchum (Chair) (University of South Florida, USA)
 Rui Fernandes (University of Lisbon, Portugal)
 Tilo Schoene (GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (GFZ), Germany)
 Guy Wöppelmann (University of La Rochelle, France)
 Simon Williams (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, United Kingdom)
 Thorkild Aarup (IOC)