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GPS data downloaded out of the automatic data flow (Jan. 2013 to March 2014)

The standard SONEL procedure of collecting GPS data files operates daily in an automatic mode. It treats the data that was observed and made available within the past 61 days. Out of this automatic data flow, the SONEL team is manually retrieving data files with a longer than 61 days data latency, whenever they have been informed of their availability. In order to keep updated the groups that are performing GPS data analyses, we provide here a summary of those data files that have been retrieved manually over the past year or so (Jan. 2013 to March 2014). The summary is given using the same format as previously.

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Two files describe the manual updates : one is reminding the data files that have been downloaded manually in 2013, and the second one for the period since the beginning of 2014.

Manual data collection campaign 2013
Manual data collection campaign first trimester 2014
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Contact :

Elizabeth Prouteau, IT Engineer

Briefly :

The summaries concern the data files that have been manually downloaded on SONEL, that is, those data files observed and made available with a latency of more than 61 days after the day of measurement.

For a single stations, the different lines correspond to different download dates. For each download date, the first and last day of downloaded data are given without taking in consideration the probable gaps during the period.