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Last data events on SONEL

On its website, SONEL highlights the last data events (see "Last data events" tab) that occured for a few weeks:
 Last downloads of data out of the automatic process - large amount of data (for the last 25 days).
 Last GNSS stations added on SONEL (for the last 2 months).
 Last sitelog updates on SONEL (for the last 4 weeks).

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Elizabeth Prouteau, Network Coordinator, IT Engineer


 Sitelog are updated weekly on wednesday.
 Data collect latency usually occures when a new GNSS station is added in our database or when data are made available with latency: manual collect because there is no network on the site, delay because of private interest on the data, new availablilty of an automatic process,...

See more information about SONEL’s data collect process.