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New GNSS@TG contribution from Estonia (12 stations from MAA-MET)

ESTPOS network

The Estonian Land Board (MAA-AMET Service) operates the ESTPOS network, which currently consists of 29 permanent GNSS stations homogeneously distributed across the country (click on the right map to enlarge, and see their location, in green). Four of these stations contribute to the EUREF permanent GNSS network, namely:

  • - Kuressaare (KURE)
  • - Suurupi (SUR4),
  • - Toila (TOIL),
  • - and Toravere (TOR2). Click on the 4 character GNSS identifier to access the EUREF webpage of a particular station, and see its details (pictures, local map, etc.).

Out of the 29 GNSS stations, 12 are co-located at (or nearby) tide gauges. By making their observations available to SONEL, the Estonian Land Board contributes to the scientific objectives of the global sea level observing programme (GLOSS) and to the IGS Working Group (TIGA) on GNSS tide gauge benchmark monitoring. These data contribute to assess the vertical stability of the land upon which the tide gauges are grounded. As SONEL users know, this information on vertical land motion is key to understanding sea level change and variability as observed by tide gauges, in particular to separate contributions from climate change (e.g., land ice melting, thermal expansion) and from solid Earth (e.g., subsidence due to groundwater extraction, sediment compaction, or post-glacial rebound).

KAUR Tide Gauge Network
MSI Tide Gauge Network

The 12 permanent GNSS stations are co-located with tide gauges from two networks / agencies, namely from the Estonian Environmental Agency (KAUR) and from the Maritime Institute (MSI) at Tallinn University of Technology. Click on the right thumbnail maps to enlarge, and get an overview of the location of the tide gauges within each network.

End of 2018, SONEL has contacted the Estonian Land Board (MAA-AMET Service), regarding the data availability of the 12 permanent GNSS stations installed near a tide gauge. And since January 2019, the daily observation in RINEX format are available on SONEL. The timeline below shows the record length for each station, and data availability for each of the 12 GNSS stations.

GNSS record length for each station
AUDRU AUDR 58.38472222 24.48083333 PARNU 10616 m 2007-11-13 10 years
EMMASTE EMM1 58.69138889 22.52194444 SORU 1831 m 2017-12-06 1 years
EMMASTE EMMA 58.69138889 22.52194444 SORU 1830 m 2014-09-01 3 years
HANILA HANI 58.57611111 23.50888889 VIRTSU 8918 m 2014-09-05 4 years
KARDLA KARD 59.06944444 22.69861111 LEHTMA 8442 m 2008-08-06 10 years
KURESSAARE KURE 58.21385833 22.50571389 ROOMASSAARE 4657 m 2007-11-15 11 years
MUSTJALA MUJA 58.53361111 22.23388889 SAAREMAA HARBOUR 7843 m 2015-09-04 4 years
MUSTAMAE2 MUS2 59.44939200 24.77554800 TALLINN 5397 m 2012-04-25 7 years
TALLINN MUST 59.44939200 24.77554800 TALLINN 5464 m 2009-01-01 3 years
NARVA-JOESUU NJOE 59.46305556 28.04583333 NARVA-JOESUU 366 m 2015-06-18 4 years
PURKSI PYRK 58.94444444 23.55500000 HAAPSALU 7181 m 2014-08-25 4.5 years
RUHNU RUHN 57.78333333 23.25888889 RUHNU 598 m 2014-10-18 4.5 years
SUURUPI SUR4 59.44939200 24.77554800 TALLINN 22418 m 2011-09-21 7.5 years
SUURUPI SUUR 59.44939200 24.77554800 TALLINN 22417 m 1996-11-29 5 years
VERGI VERG 59.56916667 26.30416667 EISMA 12013 m 2015-07-03 4 years