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Survey on Continuous GNSS and Tide Gauge co-locations (GNSS@TG)

Survey results table

In order to get a better idea of the status and opportunities on continuous GPS positioning of tide gauges, a survey is carried out periodically within various geoscience communities. The survey aims to identify the existing permanent GPS stations which are close to tide gauges (up to approximately 10-15 km).

 The survey results can be viewed in conjunction with SONEL data holdings on the map (above). Purple symbols correspond to stations for which there are no observations in SONEL yet.

 By clicking on the table icon an on-line updated view of the CGPS@TG information that has been supplied to us is displayed. The table can be sorted by clicking on the column items, and a version of the view (table) can be downloaded in a format compatible with applications like excel (.csv).

Survey results on .kmz file

- A ’.kmz’ file provides a Google Earth view of the CGPS@TG geographical distribution. The cgpstg.kmz file is consistent with the above mentionned table (updated weekly). Clicking on a station symbol provides ancillary information on the station, and further clicking on the station name provides access to the so-called GPS sitelog (if the GPS data are available). The CGPS@TG ’kmz’ view might be useful in conjunction with the ’.kmz’ files of satellite radar altimetry ground tracks provided by CLS, or with the ’.kmz’ file of tide gauge records provided by the PSMSL.

 In addition to the periodic surveys, information on CGPS@TG co-locations can also be supplied to us any time by filling in this form. Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

 The sitelog generation tool can help you generate a sitelog file for your station, suitable with IGS requirements.