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The tide gauge intercomparison tool (TGCAT : Tide Gauge CATalogs) started in the frame of EuroGOOS Tide Gauge Task Team (TGTT) as a simple command line tool to help the task team to identify gaps and duplicates between the increasing numbers of data portals providing in situ observation. It has been developed at the origin to serve TGTT and help to inter-compare some basics information (coordinates, names, id, …) between catalogs of the main data assembly center of the Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS). It has been adapted to an online tool in the frame of the Horizon 2020 EuroSea European project. It now allows to compare the content in terms of length of the timeseries between different catalogs in the form of chronograms (or timeline). The online tool contains some basics statistical information and filter capabilities.