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    Tide Gauge
IGS-type acronym : GUIP
Latitude : 48.44460000
Longitude : -4.41182300
Installed date : 2002-10-18
Decommissioned date :
Country : FRANCE
Station status : active (green)
Distance to Tide Gauge (m) : 9213
Domes Nr.: 10004M501
Station operator: Unknown
IGS-like station form :

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Offsets (mm)

MMaterial change or malfunction
RFReference Frame change
NANot available
Position discontinuity
Velocity discontinuity
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Log bookGUIP

[RGPmail] - 2020-02-11 (18/03/2020)

Les données de la station GUIP (29, Finistère) sont de nouveau disponibles depuis la session 29p.

Les données manquantes ne pourront pas être récupérées.

2020-01-22 (22/01/2020)

GUIP is down since the 22nd of December 2019 at 23:01.
IGN (Tanguy Garmont) will be on site during week 5 2020 to do a maintenance. Cbale and/or antenna might be changed. The receiver seems to be working all right. E.Poirier

[EUREFmail-10098] - 2019-12-26 (03/01/2020)

Due to a malfunction of the receiver or the antenna, the date from
GUIP00FRA are not available anymore.
Even after a receiver reboot and a motor engine initilization, no
satellites are tracked.

Equipment will probably be changed in a couple of weeks.

[RGPmail] - 2018-06-12 (13/06/2018)

Due to a planned maintenance, the GUIP station (and data) will be unavailable on the 19th (morning) of June.

[EUREFmail-6779] - 2013-01-21 (21/01/2013)

Following the problem encountered by Leica receivers last week, SBAS
satellites have been desactivated except EGNOS constellation satellites.
The stations concerned are BSCN (25), EGLT (19), GUIP (29), MARS (13), =
SCOA (64) et VFCH (41) in France.

[EUREFmail-6776] - 2013-01-18 (18/01/2013)

Receivers of stations BSCN(Besancon), SCOA (Ciboure), VFCH (Villefranche-sur-Cher), MARS (Marseille), EGLT (Egletons) and GUIP (Guipavas) in France have encountering some problems yesterday.
The problem has been fixed this morning and data are now available.
Nevertheless, data between sessions 017o and 018h are definitively lost.