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    Tide Gauge
IGS-type acronym : KRGG
Latitude : -49.35154300
Longitude : 70.25550600
Installed date : 2012-03-23
Decommissioned date :
Country : FRANCE
Station status : active (green)
Distance to Tide Gauge (m) : 2648
Domes Nr.: 91201M007
Station operator: (IGN) - Institut Géographique National (IPEV) - Institut polaire français Paul Emile Victor (CNES) - Centre National d"Etudes Spatiales
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If you have a relevant reference to suggest, please send-us an e-mail :
  • puce DONAL, 2017. Kerguelen ITRF co-location site survey. Rapport Technique IGN/SGN, RT/G 243.

Log bookKRGG

[IGSSTATION-7381] - 2018-07-27 (30/07/2018)

A firmware upgrade was done on KOUG, KRGG, CIBG, THTG stations. The new sitelog has been submitted to IGS.

The new version is 4.20/6.524 for all this stations

[IGSSTATION-6935] - 2017-01-31 (08/02/2017)

KRGG station is back online since DOY 025/2017 (cable change).
Data from DOY 343/2016 13:00Z to 025/2017 16:00Z have been lost.

[IGSSTATION-6877] - 2016-12-12 (12/12/2016)

KRGG station is encountering some problems since doy 343.
Everything is done to fix the problem as soon as possible.

[IGSSTATION-6674] - 2016-05-30 (31/05/2016)

KERG and KRGG stations (Kerguelen Island) are available since 2016-05-24 06h00 UT. Data have been submitted for this period.

We’ve encountered a data loss on KRGG between 2016-05-27 05h30Z and 2016-05-29 01h15Z.

[IGSSTATION-6660] - 2016-05-24 (24/05/2016)

KERG and KRGG stations (Kerguelen Island) are unavailable since 2016-05-20 06h00 UT. An investigation is in progress (network issue).
We will keep you informed on when the problem will be fixed.

[IGSSTATION-6603] - 2016-04-06 (07/04/2016)

Galileo tracking has been disabled on KRGG station since 2016-03-31 07hTU due to repeated crashes, waiting for next firmware update.