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Showing all stations within 1000 km of the observed station Active station No data for 30 days Decommissioned No observations in SONEL (Survey) Not co-located with observed station
Showing all stations within 1000 km of the observed station Available data / Station OK Available data / Problem(s) detected Does not work No longer exists Foreign partner management Not co-located with observed station
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    Tide Gauge
IGS-type acronym : AND1
Latitude : 69.32605474
Longitude : 16.13481183
Installed date : 2000-12-18
Decommissioned date :
Country : NORWAY
Station status : active (green)
Distance to Tide Gauge (m) : 2
Domes Nr.: 10365M001
Station operator: Asmund Steen Skjaeveland
(NMA) - Norwegian Mapping Authority - Kartverket
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GPS position times seriesAND1

(Reference epoch: )

Offsets (mm)

MMaterial change or malfunction
RFReference Frame change
NANot available
Position discontinuity
Velocity discontinuity
Vertical component
East component
North Component

Data available at SONELAND1

                (Norwegian Mapping Authority)

The Norwegian Mapping Authority provides RINEX data from these stations 
to SONEL: 

- AND1 (Andenes tide gauge)
- FROC (Froeya/Mausundvaer GNSS)
- HONS (Honningsvaag GNSS)
- TGDE (Tregde tide gauge)
- VAR1 (Vardoe tide gauge)
- VIKC (Vikna GNSS/Roervik)


Data are delivered in daily files, 30-second data rates with a 25 day 
delay. The data are intended for non-commercial research or education 
use only. Commercial use is not allowed. 

Please inform Norwegian Mapping Authority by email 
 if these data are used in published research. 

The data are provided as-is, free of charge for the intended uses. The 
Norwegian Mapping Authority gives no guarantee of and assumes no 
responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any data. 
In particular, VAR1 is known to have an annual north-south oscillation. 

SONEL also collects data from NMA GNSS stations published via EUREF and 
IGS. Different conditions apply to these stations. 

Contact NMA Control Centre for positioning services at 
 for questions or further info. 

Quality plots on RINEX filesAND1

Quality plots on RINEX files of AND1 Quality plots on RINEX files of AND1 Royal Observatory of Belgium

Plots generated using software developed with the EPN team at ROB
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Co-located instrumentsAND1

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History of the stationAND1

First identified as ANDE, then became AND1 with DOMES number 10365M001 at 2015-07-10.