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IGS-type acronym : ALGO
Latitude : 45.95880127
Longitude : -78.07140350
Installed date : 1991-01-19
Decommissioned date :
Country : CANADA
Station status : active (green)
Domes Nr.: 40104M002
Station operator: Unknown
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NANot available
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[IGSSTATION-7789] - 2019-10-31 (07/11/2019)

Station ALGO has been experiencing intermittent network and power outages since early July, 2019. We are trying to resolve these issues however, there is no immediate solution available. We will recover the outstanding data when possible.

[IGSSTATION-7668] - 2019-05-24 (12/06/2019)

Due to a prolonged power outage, station ALGO shutdown at ~04:10:00 ut on May 23. The station is backup and running again as of ~16:03:00 ut on May 24 but the NR-Maser has not locked at this time and the receiver is not properly steered. Data for ALGO has been quarantined at this time and any data from May 24, 2019 should be noted that the external frequency standard was not steered correctly.

When the NR-maser has locked and, data verified, we will unquarantine ALGO.

[IGSSTATION-7624] - 2019-04-08 (09/05/2019)

The JAVAD TRE_G3TH DELTA receiver with firmware 3.6.3 Jul,01,2015 at station ALGO did not handle the GPS week roll over correctly. Data from 2019-Apr-07 00:00 to 2019-Apr-09 15:45 is corrupt. Please remove this data from your processing and any repositories.

The ALGO JAVAD TRE_G3TH DELTA receiver was upgraded to firmware version 3.7.5p1 Jan,23,2019 at ~16:00ut today. The real time data streams have been stopped and data has been quarantined until further notice.

An updated site log with will be submitted to the IGS shortly.

[IGSSTATION-7035] - 2017-06-02 (02/06/2017)

On Friday, May 19 at ~00:10ut the maser at ALGO experienced an interruption in its 5MHz outputs. The GNSS receiver at ALGO has been operating on an unlocked maser output since that time.

At ~20:09ut today, June 1, the GNSS receiver at ALGO was switched to its steered internal oscillator.

[IGSSTATION-6859] - 2016-11-23 (23/11/2016)

The NR Maser at station ALGO lost power at ~20:15ut today. We are working on restoring power as soon as possible and expect to be fully operational some time tomorrow.

[IGSSTATION-6238] - 2015-07-14 (28/07/2015)

Advisory: NRCan station ALGO experienced an external H-MASER power reset at ~18:30utc on 15jul14. We are still monitoring if the clock frequency was affected so please use data from this station with caution.

[IGSSTATION-6127] - 2015-03-20 (20/03/2015)

A power outage and communications failure at ALGO at ~21:40ut on Tuesday March 17, 2015 caused the NRMaser to enter a power save mode with the 5MHz output being interrupted. Backup power and communications was restored on Thursday May 19, 2015 at ~03:50ut however the maser has not locked correctly.

The TPS-NETG3A at ALGO has been operating on an unlocked maser output since Thursday May 19, 2015 at ~03:50ut. The receiver has been switched to its steered internal clock until the maser stabilizes.

An updated Site Log will be submitted to the IGSCB shortly.

[IGSSTATION-5423] - 2013-05-24 (27/05/2013)

Advisory: NRCan station ALGO experienced a power failure on 2013-05-18 at approximately 09ut.

The data flow to the NRCan and IGS data centers has now been resumed but any missing data between 2013-05-18 and 2013-05-23 will not be published.
Note also that the external H-Maser was adjusted by ~ 1e-12 on 2013-05-24 at ~14ut.