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    Tide Gauge
IGS-type acronym : OUS2
Latitude : -45.86950000
Longitude : 170.51091670
Installed date : 1995-01-16
Decommissioned date :
Station status : active (green)
Distance to Tide Gauge (m) : 1603
Domes Nr.: 50212M002
Station operator: Unknown
IGS-like station form :

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Offsets (mm)

MMaterial change or malfunction
RFReference Frame change
NANot available
Position discontinuity
Velocity discontinuity
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North Component

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  • puce Denys, Beavan et al., 2020. Sea Level Rise in New Zealand: The Effect of Vertical Land Motion on Century‐Long Tide Gauge Records in a Tectonically Active Region. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. Get this reference

Log bookOUS2

[IGSSTATION-7772] - 2019-10-21 (25/10/2019)

We needed to update the receiver information for our current receivers in Dunedin, NZL (OUS2) and Mizusawa, JPN (MIZU).

Previously, we stated that a SEPT POLARX5 is installed. Actually we use a SEPT ASTERX4 (OEM board which is used in the POLARX5). David Maggert updated the receiver database so that we could use the correct receiver type.

The site logs have been updated in the SLM and the data files have been resubmitted.