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    Tide Gauge
IGS-type acronym : SAMO
Latitude : -13.84921200
Longitude : -171.73842000
Installed date : 2001-07-01
Decommissioned date :
Country : SAMOA
Station status : active (green)
Distance to Tide Gauge (m) : 3515
Domes Nr.: 50603M001
Station operator: Unknown
IGS-like station form :

GPS position times seriesSAMO


(Reference epoch: )

Offsets (mm)

MMaterial change or malfunction
RFReference Frame change
NANot available
Position discontinuity
Velocity discontinuity
Vertical component
East component
North Component

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Log bookSAMO

[IGSSTATION-7614] - 2019-04-01 (26/04/2019)

The TRIMBLE NETR9 receiver at Apia has been updated to firmware version 5.37 at 2019-04-01T04:08Z. An updated site log has been submitted to the IGS.