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Benchmark detailed description

"845 2660 TIDAL 4: The bench mark is a disk set on top of a concrete slab, located 0.24 km (0.15 mi) SE along Luce Avenue from the east side of the War College Building, thence 0.08 km (0.05 mi) SE along Perry Road, on the NW side of a small boat basin, 9.60 m (31.5 ft) SE of the centerline of Perry Road, 0.76 m (2.5 ft) NW of the east corner of brick Building No. 91, 0.24 m (0.8 ft) NW of the NW side of the building, and 0.15 m (0.5 ft) NW of a wooden bulkhead."

Benchmarks names by campaign and organism

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