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Benchmark detailed description

"845 2660 K: The bench mark is a disc set in bedrock, located north of the Naval War College museum, 63.10 m (207.0 ft) north of the west wing of the Naval War College museum, 52.19 m (171.2 ft) east of the centerline of Cushing road, 16.42 m (53.9 ft) east-northeast of the base of a 'V' in the weeping cherry tree, 9.28 m (30.4 ft) northwest of the northwest corner of the wooden fence around a residence, 4.70 m (15.4 ft) southeast of a chiseled 'X' in the southeast curb of the road leading to a parking lot, and 16 cm (6 inches) below ground level."

Benchmarks names by campaign and organism

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