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Benchmark detailed description

""The bench mark is a disk set in the south side of a park that is located south of the Honolulu City Light Power Plant, 102 m (335 ft) NE of bench mark NO 21 1964, 31.30 m (102.7 ft) west from the west edge of the western sidewalk along Ala Moana Boulevard, 13 m (42 ft) north of a 2 m (5 ft) diameter tree, 9.45 m (31.0 ft) north of the north edge of a park bench that faces west, and 1.98 m (6.5 ft) east of the east edge of sidwalk. The bench mark is set 12 cm (0.4 ft) below ground level, crimped to the top of a 9/16-inch stainless steel rod driven to a depth of 15.8 m (52 ft), and protected by a 4 in PVC pipe with screw cap cover.""

Benchmarks names by campaign and organism

2340 A 1983