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Benchmark detailed description

""The bench mark is a disk set in the concrete foundation of the prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Federal building located at 300 Ala Mona Boulevard, on the east side of steps on the first landing at the main north entrance of building, 14.08 m (46.2 ft) SE from a flagpole, 11.28 m (37.0 ft) east of a plaque entitled United States of America Gerald R. Ford President, 1.62 m (5.3 ft) west of a concrete wall that surrounds the building marked United States Court House, 0.49 m (1.6 ft) SE of a handrail, and 0.15 m (0.5 ft) north of the red brick that forms the first of two landings that leads to the building.""

Benchmarks names by campaign and organism

2340 B 1983