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Benchmark detailed description

""The bench mark is a disk set near the south corner of the old Federal Building at the intersection of Queen and Mililani Streets, 17.1 m (56.0 ft) NW from the centerline of Mililani Street, 14.11 m (46.3 ft) NE from the south corner of the old Federal building, 0.49 m (1.6 ft) NE from an orange NOS witness post sign, and 0.27 m (0.9 ft) SE from the building. The bench mark is set 12 cm (0.4 ft) below ground level, crimped to the top of a 9/16 in stainless steel rod driven 2.1 m (7 ft) to absolute refusal into bedrock, protected by a 4-inch PVC plastic pipe with screw cap cover which projects 6 cm (0.2 ft) about natural grade. ""

Benchmarks names by campaign and organism

2340 C 1983