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2–4 Juillet 2018 : "Sea Level Futures Workshop", Liverpool (date limite résumés, 30 mars)

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Sea Level Futures Workshop, Liverpool 2–4 July 2018

Outline Plan for Sessions

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This is a provisional list of sessions, some adjustment may be made nearer to the time. Every session will start with a keynote presentation followed by a series of oral and poster presentations. We welcome abstracts from all attendees.

  1. 1. Sea level observations : present and future
  • - Role of PSMSL in sea level research
  • - Present day tide gauge observing systems (GLOSS, EuroGOOS and GGOS)
  • - Present and future of space observations (e.g. coastal altimetry, mass changes in the ocean, changes in the cryosphere)
  • - Space geodesy for sea level
  1. 2. Modelling of regional sea level and its contributors
  • - Challenges in modelling of sea level
  • - Ocean heat content
  • - Progress in modelling of the contribution from the cryosphere
  • - Vertical land movement
  1. 3. Understanding of regional sea level rise and variability (multiple data synthesis, novel methods, synthesis of observations and models)
  • - Drivers of regional sea level rise and variability
  • - Novel methods and multiple data synthesis for sea level reconstructions (including paleo data)
  • - Use of advance techniques for attribution of regional sea level variability
  1. 4. Coastal sea level rise and variability
  • - Extreme sea levels in coastal area (observations and modelling)
  • - Sea level variability at the coast : the role of waves
  • - Advance in coastal sea level projections
  • - Impact of sea level rise in coastal areas

Abstract submissions

To submit an abstract please click here submissions will close 30 March 2018

Conference Registration

- Registration covers attending the main meeting including refreshments and lunch, icebreaker reception and conference dinner.
- To register please click here
- Early bird registration £100.00 per delegate opens 1 February 2018 and closes 20 March 2018
- Standard Registration will open 21 March and close 30 April 2018 priced at £120.00 per delegate.
- Delegates notified of acceptance of posters/talks after 20 April 2018

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