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Definitions and Statistics

A brief explanation of the table columns follows : Columns 1,2,3 are the name, longitude and latitude of the GPS station. Column 4 is the code of the GPS station (a " ?" within the code means it was not provided). Column 5 is the starting date of continuous operation. Column 6 is the approximate distance between antenna and tide gauge in meters (’-1’ means no information). Column 7 is the GLOSS code. According to the GLOSS Implementation Plan (2012), LTT = Tide gauge for Long Term Trends ; ALT = Tide gauge for altimeter calibration ; and OC = Tide gauge for Ocean Circulation Monitoring. Column 8 is the new PSMSL code. Column 9 is the country name. Column 10 states whether the station is committed to the TIGA Pilot Project ; and column 11, if it is committed to GCOS.

Statistics :