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Last data events

This page enumerates the last events that occured concerning the data recovering in SONEL. Here are the significations of the different event types:

-New sitelog: a new site log has been recovered within the last 4 weeks.
-New GNSS: a new GNSS station has been included in SONEL within the last 2 months.
-New data: large amount of RINEX files has been downloaded within the last month, out of the daily process.

2020-05-20 New sitelog DLF1 dlf1_20200516.log
2020-05-20 New sitelog BNDY bndy_20200512.log
2020-05-20 New sitelog UFPR ufpr_20200518.log
2020-05-13 New sitelog NCBI ncbi_20200508.log
2020-05-13 New sitelog ORSB orsb_20200507.log
2020-05-13 New sitelog CACC cacc_20200507.log
2020-05-13 New sitelog EXMT exmt_20200512.log
2020-05-13 New sitelog LKYA lkya_20200512.log
2020-05-13 New sitelog SPBY spby_20200512.log
2020-05-06 New sitelog TXGA txga_20200501.log
2020-05-06 New sitelog TXLN txln_20200430.log
2020-04-29 New sitelog CN05 cn05_20200424.log
2020-04-29 New sitelog KYW1 kyw1_20200421.log
2020-04-29 New sitelog KYW5 kyw5_20200421.log
2020-04-29 New sitelog WHNG whng_20200416.log
2020-04-29 New sitelog TXAG txag_20200423.log
2020-04-29 New sitelog TRNG trng_20200416.log
2020-04-29 New sitelog BLUF bluf_20200414.log
2020-04-29 New sitelog GISB gisb_20200414.log
2020-04-29 New sitelog STMT stmt_20200428.log
2020-04-22 New GNSS PAPR No data available, GNSS is 4955m from tide gauge PORT AU PRINCE
2020-04-08 New GNSS PUAR 6300m from tide gauge PUERTO ARMUELLES B
2020-03-31 New GNSS N240 2m from tide gauge SAN JUAN
2020-03-31 New GNSS N302 2m from tide gauge PENSACOLA
2020-03-31 New GNSS N301 2m from tide gauge GALVESTON PLEASURE PIER
2020-03-31 New GNSS N001 2m from tide gauge NEWPORT
2020-03-27 New GNSS N300 2m from tide gauge MIAMI BEACH