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Last data events

This page enumerates the last events that occured concerning the data recovering in SONEL. Here are the significations of the different event types:

-New sitelog: a new site log has been recovered within the last 4 weeks.
-New GNSS: a new GNSS station has been included in SONEL within the last 2 months.
-New data: large amount of RINEX files has been downloaded within the last month, out of the daily process.

2020-12-02 New sitelog IRYL iryl_20201201.log
2020-11-25 New sitelog SMO0 smo0_20201111.log
2020-11-25 New sitelog KUN0 kun0_20201111.log
2020-11-25 New sitelog LOV6 lov6_20200616.log
2020-11-25 New sitelog ZEEB zeeb_20191121.log
2020-11-25 New sitelog OOST oost_20191121.log
2020-11-25 New sitelog HHOL hhol_20190907.log
2020-11-25 New sitelog DZYL dzyl_20190907.log
2020-11-25 New sitelog LOV0 lov0_20201111.log
2020-11-25 New sitelog PARK park_20201115.log
2020-11-25 New sitelog RAT0 rat0_20201111.log
2020-11-19 New data HHOL 5094 Rinex2 files between 2006-206 and 2020-323
2020-11-19 New data DZYL 5393 Rinex2 files between 2005-263 and 2020-323
2020-11-19 New data HIL1 50 Rinex3 files between 2020-272 and 2020-323
2020-11-19 New data HHOL 1149 Rinex3 files between 2017-242 and 2020-323
2020-11-19 New data DZYL 1157 Rinex3 files between 2017-242 and 2020-323
2020-11-18 New sitelog BUDD budd_20200204.log
2020-11-18 New sitelog ESBC esbc_20200204.log
2020-11-18 New sitelog FYHA fyha_20200204.log
2020-11-18 New sitelog GESR gesr_20200204.log
2020-11-18 New sitelog HIRS hirs_20200204.log
2020-11-18 New sitelog TEJH tejh_20200204.log
2020-11-18 New sitelog SKEJ skej_20200204.log
2020-11-13 New GNSS SKEJ No data available, GNSS is 5258m from tide gauge AARHUS
2020-11-13 New GNSS BUDD No data available, GNSS is 8792m from tide gauge KOBENHAVN
2020-11-11 New sitelog MONP monp_20191021.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog HKQT hkqt_20191022.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog SC02 sc02_20191112.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog ANCG ancg_20170921.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog VENE vene_20200715.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog MELI meli_20200326.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog TPW2 tpw2_20200409.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog CEFT ceft_20200615.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog CAGL cagl_20200715.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog YAR2 yar2_20200819.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog VTIS vtis_20200912.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog RIO2 rio2_20201104.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog BORJ borj_20201105.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog HOL2 hol2_20201106.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog ILDX ildx_20201106.log
2020-11-11 New sitelog YAR1 yar1_20140926.log
2020-11-10 New data HKSC 45 Rinex2 files between 2019-363 and 2020-320
2020-11-09 New data HKSC 43 Rinex3 files between 2020-272 and 2020-320