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Last data events

This page enumerates the last events that occured concerning the data recovering in SONEL. Here are the significations of the different event types:

-New sitelog: a new site log has been recovered within the last 4 weeks.
-New GNSS: a new GNSS station has been included in SONEL within the last 2 months.
-New data: large amount of RINEX files has been downloaded within the last month, out of the daily process.

2022-09-28 New sitelog ANTF antf_20220722.log
2022-09-26 New data IROY 59 Rinex2 files between 2022-200 and 2022-261
2022-09-23 New data ANTF 54 Rinex3 files between 2022-203 and 2022-256
2022-09-23 New GNSS ANTF 5666m from tide gauge ANTOFAGASTA II
2022-09-06 New data OXTH 688 Rinex2 files between 2020-059 and 2022-031
2022-09-03 New data SKE0 32 Rinex3 files between 2022-244 and 2022-261
2022-08-25 New GNSS MELK 190m from tide gauge MELINKA
2022-08-25 New GNSS PWIL 1935m from tide gauge PUERTO WILLIAMS
2022-08-23 New GNSS PTAR 10066m from tide gauge PUNTA ARENAS II
2022-08-23 New GNSS ARJF 1033m from tide gauge JUAN FERNANDEZ-C
2022-08-23 New GNSS BING 7732m from tide gauge CALDERA
2022-08-23 New GNSS CGTC 8811m from tide gauge IQUIQUE II
2022-08-23 New GNSS UAPE No data available, GNSS is 3950m from tide gauge IQUIQUE II
2022-08-23 New GNSS TRPD 1763m from tide gauge VALPARAISO
2022-08-23 New GNSS HLPN 9504m from tide gauge TALCAHUANO
2022-08-18 New GNSS SDLI No data available, GNSS is 1039m from tide gauge TANJUNG SEDILI
2022-08-18 New GNSS KUKP No data available, GNSS is 1478m from tide gauge KUKUP
2022-08-18 New GNSS MERU No data available, GNSS is 11250m from tide gauge PELABUHAN KELANG
2022-08-18 New GNSS LGKW No data available, GNSS is 14920m from tide gauge PULAU LANGKAWI
2022-08-18 New GNSS GET2 No data available, GNSS is 1290m from tide gauge GETING
2022-08-18 New GNSS DATU No data available, GNSS is 5531m from tide gauge LAHAT DATU
2022-08-18 New GNSS KUDA No data available, GNSS is 3565m from tide gauge KUDAT
2022-08-16 New GNSS NMTR 4513m from tide gauge L'HERBAUDIERE