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Workshop at the Collège de France, Paris, 10-11 June 2013

Within the framework of the annual chair "Sustainable Development - Environment, Energy and Society", a workshop is organised by Anny Cazenave, Professor at the Collège de France, on the theme : " Climate change and sea level rise ; Coastal vulnerability and societal impacts ".

The workshop aims at presenting the most recent updates about sea level observations and projections for the next few decades, highlighting the importance of the regional variability. A synthesis of the various phenomena causing shoreline modifications on interannual to multidecadal time scales will be presented and the causes of observed shoreline erosion for the past few decades will be discussed. More focused presentations about impacts of sea level rise will be provided for a number of coastal regions (Netherlands, Asian deltas, tropical atolls, Quebec and France), with focus on economical and societal consequences as well as on potential adaptation strategies.

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Source :
Prof. Anny Cazenave
Chair fellowship 2012-2013
Collège de France

Important details :

The attendance is free and open to anybody interested in. The presentations and discussions will be in English. Don’t hesitate to book your agendas. The workshop will take place at the Collège de France, Paris, 10-11 June 2013. Click on the following link or on the image above to download the workshop announcement containing the details of the programme.

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