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    Tide Gauge
IGS-type acronym : SETE
Latitude : 43.39763300
Longitude : 3.69910500
Installed date : 2007-10-26
Decommissioned date :
Country : FRANCE
City: SETE
Station status : active (green)
Distance to Tide Gauge (m) : 2
Domes Nr.: 19940M001
Station operator: BEAUDIN Sandrine
IGS-like station form :

GPS position times seriesSETE


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Offsets (mm)

MMaterial change or malfunction
RFReference Frame change
NANot available
Position discontinuity
Velocity discontinuity
Vertical component
East component
North Component

Data available at SONELSETE

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Co-located instrumentsSETE

  • Tide gauge : SETE (SETE1)

Photo albumSETE


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  • puce Dodet, Bertin et al., 2019. Characterization of Sea-level Variations Along the Metropolitan Coasts of France: Waves, Tides, Storm Surges and Long-term Changes. Get this reference BibTeX of the reference

History of the stationSETE

The GPS installation at Sète is motivated by its relative proximity (about 14 km) to the ground track of the former Topex/Poseidon and current Jason radar altimetry satellites (see pictures at the tide gauge webpage, link below). In addition, historical tide gauge observations are reported at the nearby (250 metres) Saint-Louis lighthouse between 1850 and 1860.

Log bookSETE

2019/05/02 (02/05/2019)

Access to the new Trimble netr9 GNSS receiver installed at SETE is activated and oprational from La Rochelle. RINEX3 namming convention hace been modified in accordance with RGP requirements.
Station should be soon included in RGP network.
E. Poirier

2018/07/30 (19/04/2019)

S. Beaudin does not have any more remote access to the TopCOn GB1000 receiver of SETE. Data is still archived on SONEL but not on RENAG from this date. Montpellier used to send the data to RENAG.
E. Poirier

2019/01/04 (19/04/2019)

S.Baudin est en charge du GPS de Sete et d'envoyer les données à RENAG. Elle n'a plus accès au récepteur depuis le jour 211 (30/07/2017).
Elle avait auparavant des droits d'accès aux port 8002 et 21 pour les 2 IP suivantes: et Affaire en cours.

2019/04/18 (19/04/2019)

New receiver Trimble netr9 installed in replacement of TopCon GB1000.
Job done by Sandrine Beaudin, geosciences Montpellier.
GNSS antenna cable issues and connecting issues.