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Latitude : 46.00735300
Longitude : -1.17433300
Start date: 2011-03-22
End date:
Country: FRANCE
Station state: VERT

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Co-located instrumentsILAIX

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2017-06 (25/05/2022)

The DDTM made an intervention in the area of the tide gauge. I was contacted by Pierre Durand de Gevigney of the Charente-Maritime Department to access the tide gauge enclosure on the Barbotin jetty. This in order to disassemble a railing to make metal thickness measurements in order to decide how to renovate the railing of the jetty. The intervention was carried out without the presence of SONEL. They used duplicate keys located at the yacht club’s local. Etienne Poirier

2019-11-03 (25/05/2022)

"Amélie" storm the 3rd november of 2021 during the morning. Wind gusts exceeded 130km/h.

2019-12-12 (25/05/2022)

Construction work in progress, hydro-demolition to dig two trenches in the jetty of the island of Aix. They have already been at work for about a month. Malfunctions are observed on the tide gauge due to a very rainy period with very little sunlight. Photovoltaic panels and batteries are not enough. We did a trip with Pierre Durand de Gevigney and his colleague Alexandra, who works at the management of the port of Charentaise maritime. We could not access to the jetty where I had planned to indicate the locations of the electrical cabinets as it is submerged by the waves. We tour the site and inspect the PAPI dike. E. Poirier

2021-08-03 (25/05/2022)

Installation of a GNSS antenna receiver to get reflectometry data. Etienne Poirier and I levelled the antenna with the tide gauge and one of the benchmark of the FOM. V. Kérébel

2021-08-11 (25/05/2022)

Mission to clean the tide pole and make measurements with 2 VEGAPULS radars. Measurements with radars were made to compare the data with the previous mission. We were unable to clean up the tide pole because there were too many people on the site and the tide was starting to rise. V. Kérébel

2021-11-09 (25/05/2022)

As part of the renewal of RONIM network, SHOM called on Campbell enterprise to change the ILAIX tide gauge. It was completed on November 04, 05 and 09, 2021.
I took the opportunity to do a mission with the VegaPULS 61 radars as well as a comparison of the data provided by these radars with a pressure gauge and the CMN. I lent the technician the key to the room. Victor Kérébel

2020-02-04 (09/02/2021)

Shom - ULR mission completed. The TG is now powered by stabilized 12V. The solar panels batteries remain as a saftey power source. E.Poirier.

2020-01-22 (23/01/2020)

On site visit to inspect the construction work going on Barbotin jetty.
Marking of the future position of 3 electric junction boxes that will be installed by Bouygues Energies Servives on the jetty.
Meeting with the different parties involved in the construction operations.
E. Poirier

2019-11-29 (29/11/2019)

Work in progress at the tide gauge jetty to install a power cable, mew lights, etc... This is done with high pressure water. The work started in October 2019 and should be ended by January/February 2020.

2019-06-07 (07/06/2019)

Storm at Aix island 'Miguel'. Starting at 06:00 UTC day 158 and shall continue until 12:00 UTC day 158. Exceptional for this period of the year. Tide gauge records at 1 Hz are logged at ULR. Expected gust 120 km/h. E.Poirier