The web map enables the users to navigate from one site (station) to another, and click on a specific site in the map to see its attributes. By clicking further, an individual web page for the site can be accessed, where details on the data and meta-data are displayed for that site. The user can then get some additional statistics and download files with the associated time series (sea level differences...). Here, we provide a more comprehensive means to download the data from all the sites.

 Table of linear trends of sea level differences

The vertical_velocities_ALTG_AVISO.txt provides the vertical velocities and uncertainties for the 478 stations for which we computed the monthly sea level differences (satellite altimetry minus tide gauge data) and derived a linear trend (see About).

 Time series of monthly sea level differences

The archive (.zip file) contains the 478 individual files of monthly sea level differences (satellite altimetry minus tide gauge data) time series. The format of the individual files is rather straightforward. The values are expressed in millimetres with respect to an arbitrary datum. The choice of the datum was arbitrary to avoid negative values (a constant of about 7000 mm was added to the differences).