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IGS-type acronym : IRYL
Latitude : 5.28467393
Longitude : -52.58675124
Installed date : 2013-09-27
Decommissioned date : 2022-05-16
Country : FRANCE
Station status : Decommissioned (white and red cross)
Distance to Tide Gauge (m) : 2
Domes Nr.: 97309M001
Station operator: (LIENSs - OASU) - LIENSs - OASU (DM-GUYANE) - Service des Phares et Balises de Guyane
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MMaterial change or malfunction
RFReference Frame change
NANot available
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GNSS antenna and tide gauge Vignette : GNSS antenna and tide gauge
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  • puce Thiéblemont, Le-Cozannet et al., 2023. Chronic flooding events due to sea-level rise in French Guiana. Scientific Reports. Get this reference BibTeX of the reference

Log bookIRYL

2022-05-16 (01/06/2022)

Intervention by the SHOM and IGN to change the mast support of the GNSS antenna. Now, the support is in stainless steel.

2020-12-17 (17/12/2020)

There has been a SHOM mission on Is. Royale from 7th to 11th of December 2020. Since the 11th, various test have been done on the GNSS config but the router is down and no GNSS nor TG high frequency data are sent for the moment.

2020-12-11 (11/12/2020)

There was a problem in the processing of the GNSS data by IGN. This will be solved shortly. Since the 17th of October 2020, date of receiver replacement, the data have been correctly sent by the receiver to IGS server. Nothing has been lost. E.Poirier

2020-10-17 (04/11/2020)

2020-10-17/ 10:45Z GNSS receiver Trimble netr9 removed.
2020-10-17/ 11:20Z GNSS receiver Trimble Alloy installed.
However the data cannot be sent for the moment. There is still network issues.
E.Poirier (ULR)

[RGPmail] - 2019-11-21 (27/11/2019)

La station IRYL (973, Guyane) n'est plus en mesure de fournir un service de positionnement depuis la session 307k. Une intervention sur place est programmée pour le 28 novembre prochain.

The IRYL GNSS station (973, Guyane) dataflow stopped on 2019-307k. A technical team should try to solve the problem on the site from 28 November 2019

[RGPmail] - 2018-02-08 (16/02/2018)

The data for the IRYL station (973, Guyana), stopped on 2017-06-13 are now available since session 2018-031b. Missing data are definitely lost.


Les données de la station IRYL (973, Guyane), mise en panne sur notre site le 13/06/2017, sont de nouveau disponibles depuis la session 031b.

Les données manquantes ne pourront pas être récupérées.